Metaamo receives Gold Prize in Guangzhou

Matt and Xiaonuan were recently in Guangzhou for the Liang Sicheng Cup awards ceremony, where we were presented with the Gold Prize, the highest honor in the international competition, for our proposal for a Cultural Center at a UNESCO Heritage Site in Kaiping, China.

The Prize was presented by Ms. Tang Wensheng, who was born in New York, and was once aide to Chairman Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou Enlai (When US President Richard Nixon first came to China in 1972, Tang Wensheng served as translator in that historic meeting).

Following the ceremony, we were honored to have met with Liang Sicheng's grandson, in a wonderful conversation, also translated by Ms. Tang Wensheng. Among the topics, we discussed the foundational role that his grandfather's scholarship played in bringing knowledge of East Asian architecture to the US and the West, and in how his formal recommendations to Allied leaders helped to save the cities of Kyoto and Nara from bombing in World War 2. Coincidentally, Liang Sicheng's first books in China were published by Tsinghua University (where Xiaonuan is an Alum and Matt was a Visiting Scholar), while in the US, his famous first English language work about Chinese Architecture was published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's MIT Press (where Matt is an alum and former faculty member).