Matt Participates in "Great Cities" Urban Design Conference in Wuhan

This past week, Matt was in Wuhan to take part in the "Great Cities" Workshop, sponsored by the British Council and Wuhan Tiandi, which focused on how Architecture and Urban Design can help to create and shape great, liveable cities.  

The session Matt participated in, 'Urban Design in the Modern Era,' was a conversation between Matt, Li Baofeng (Architect, HUST, Wuhan), Catherine Pease (vPPR, London), and Albert Chan (Developer, Shui On Land, Hong Kong), and dealt with the question of how to make big cities (which are now dominated by large scale projects and high rises) more tuned to the human user, i.e. smaller scale, pedestrian friendly, and more liveable.  The discussion broached the subjects of scale, how to balance the best aspects of the old and new cities, diversity and pluralism in urban design, the need for changes in code at the policy level, and sustainability.

Other participants included Hisham Elkadi (Dean, SBE, University of Salford), Thomas Jefferies (Head, Manchester School of Architecture), Cheng Shidan (Wuhan University), Satoshi Ohashi (Zaha Hadid China & Asia), and Nick Whittingham (the British Consul General), et al.  

Jinan Urban Design Project Featured in Planning Practice Publication

A low-carbon city project we worked on with MIT and Tsinghua University in Jinan was recently published in the book "Planning Practice: Studios + Workshops 2005-2015" from SA+P Press. The project dealt with Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and urban agriculture, and sought to suggest new building typologies that integrated the vibrancy, flexibility, and community-focused aspects of traditional "villages" into high density, modern developments.

Metaamo receives five new commissions in Southern China

Metaamo has received five commissions to design new municipal buildings among the dynamic topographic landscapes of terraced rice fields, just outside the city of Kunming, China. We were in Yunnan Province this week visiting these incredible and diverse sites (one shown below) and are greatly looking forward to collaborating with these communities.