New Skyline Residence in the Tualatin Mountains

We're excited to share that we've started Schematic Design on a new 2,200 SF single family residence on a near ridgetop site in Portland's West Hills.  The steeply sloping site affords sweeping westerly views of Beaverton and the Tualatin Valley below, as well as the Coast Range Mountains beyond. Here are two sunset panoramas that were recently taken at the site.

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P+M Construction Progress

We're excited to see one of our new house projects take shape up in Canada, as framing of the second level comes along quickly.

P+M is a new single-family residence for a young family, that is all about light, energy, and human interaction.

The superinsulated house is the product of a process that leveraged severe environmental constraints (minimal direct daylight and southern exposure in an extreme cold climate where temps reach -45 below), as means to maximize daylight, internal / external views, and spaces for family interaction -- all within a compact but dynamic form, on a narrow infill lot.

The project is one of a handful of collaborations between Metaamo + Oxbow.